The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Belgium are joining forces to stimulate the sales of organic products. On February 1st 2022 the four European countries jointly launched a project that includes both a consumer campaign and a nudging campaign. This project focuses on boosting sales of organic products in supermarkets, as well as increasing confidence in the European organic label.

Everyday choices matter

With this three-year EU campaign, that will run from 2022 until 2024, we want to make people aware of the qualities of organic and show how everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world through small changes in their daily shopping. Choosing organic is good for you and the future. And buying organic products really is easier than you think.

‘De mooiste boodschap is bio uit Europa’ campaign provides information about organic food and raises awareness about the EU organic logo and why organic food is a reliable, responsible, and sustainable choice. The campaign is being featured in and around grocery stores (nudging campaign), as well as on social and traditional media (consumer campaign). The campaign tells in a fun and engaging way that buying organic food can change the world.

Everyday choices matter
Organic in Europe: part of the solution

Organic in Europe: part of the solution

The official (international) message of the campaign is: “Organic in Europe: part of the solution”. For the Netherlands this message is creatively formulated into this slogan: ‘De mooiste boodschap is bio uit Europa’. In Dutch the word ‘boodschap’ has a double meaning: both message and shopping/groceries. So, in English, this slogan translates to ‘the most beautiful message is organic from Europe’, or ‘the most beautiful groceries are organic from Europe’. On the campaign expressions, this main message will be accompanied by a short text and secondary messages explaining the benefits of choosing organic. The main message underlines the importance of the European Union’s green transition goals and talks about the importance of organic food in building a more sustainable food system.

Demooisteboodschapisbio.nl is the official website of the Dutch part of the campaign and a home base where you can find information about organic food and learn all about organic producers.

The campaign is being implemented in accordance with national nutritional recommendations. Instructions for a balanced and healthy diet can be found HERE.

The campaign is an EU co-funded campaign

implemented in The Netherlands by Bionext.

International cooperation project

The campaign is part of a larger international collaboration project, the target countries of which are Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Flanders in Belgium.

The total budget of the project in all four different target countries is EUR 4.53 million, of which Dutch share is EUR 1.09 million. The EU is funding 80% of the project’s budget, the rest is being paid by co-financers within the organic sector.

The European Union’s project funding is part of

the EU’s green transition package and the target set by the European Commission

to increase the percentage of agricultural land under organic farming to 25% of

the EU’s total arable land by 2030.

International cooperation project
Contact details

Contact details

If you have any questions about the Demooisteboodschapisbio.nl website and the campaign, please contact us:

Paula Nijman, project coordinator

Natalie Oudenhoven, partners & funding

Paulien Hoftijzer, marketing & communication manager, press